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Travel Advisory in Place for West Africa

Travel advice to parts of Africa has changed due to the outbreak of Ebola Virus. There are travel bans in place in some areas and Australians are being urged to reconsider their travel to affected regions, or urged to leave affected regions if already there.  The Australian Government has stated: The Australian Government advises Australians

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Overseas And Need Urgent Help?

The Department of Foreign Affairs provides 24 hour  emergency consular assistance for Australians who need urgent assistance overseas. Their details are below: DFAT 24-hour Consular Emergency Centre +61262613305 or 1300555135 or SMS +61 421 269 080

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Sometimes Rape Victims Are Jailed, Not The Perpetrators.

IT’S a truly horrifying thought that a traveller sexually assaulted overseas could end up being the one who lands behind bars instead of their attacker. But unfortunately it’s a scenario that rings true in some of Australians’ favourite holiday spots, a travel insurance company has warned. Sure, you may think it will never happen to

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Thai Surrogacy Laws Have Changed

While there are currently no laws making commercial surrogacy illegal in Thailand, some are in the works. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade warns Australians that: The legal situation regarding surrogacy arrangements in Thailand is currently unclear. There is presently no legislation in Thailand which specifically regulates surrogacy. The Thai authorities are considering draft legislation

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Travelling For Business Soon?

At Australians Detained Abroad we hear of and work with many cases of Australians who travel abroad for business purposes and for one reason or another find themselves falling foul of the law.  A lot of these cases can be avoided by taking simple steps to safeguard yourself and your colleagues.  The most simple step

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