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New African Laws Due To Ebola Outbreak. Australians Urged Caution

Smart Traveller advisory update for Liberia states: This Advice was last issued on Saturday, 20 September 2014.   This advice contains updated information in the Summary and under Safety and security (sporadic demonstrations and local disturbances have been reported across Liberia related to the Ebola outbreak; be aware that these can turn violent). We advise

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Australians Urged To Avoid Certain Areas In Mexico

The latest travel advisory to Mexico from DFAT had the following update: This Advice was last issued on Saturday, 20 September 2014.   This advice contains new information in the Summary and under Additional information (Australians should reconsider their need to travel to Los Cabos and La Paz in Baja California Sur in the aftermath

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Ebola Causing Civil Unrest- Australians Urged Caution

The outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) centred in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone continues to worsen and has led to over 2600 deaths. Limited outbreaks have also occurred in Nigeria and Senegal. The outbreak in west Africa is the most serious outbreak of EVD in recorded history. An outbreak of a separate strain of

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Indian Visa Travel Requirements To Change

Planning a trip to India? From Dec, visa application requirements will change. See updated travel advice for details

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Travel Bulletin Including Terrorism Threats Abroad

On 12 September 2014, the Government raised the domestic National Terrorism Public Alert level to High. This represents the assessed threat of terrorist attack within Australia. Heightened security arrangements are in place, including at Australia’s international airports. Australia is viewed by ISIL and other groups as a legitimate target for terrorist attacks. This threat extends

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