Country Information – Croatia



Information about the languages spoken in Croatia can be found here.

Type of Legal System

This article contains a detailed summary of the Croatian criminal justice system.

 Australian Government’s Presence

Information about the Australian Government’s presence in Croatia can be found on the DFAT website.

Key Legal Issues for Australians

The key legal issues for Australians in Croatia include:

Trafficking and cultivating drugs

What is the process like from arrest through to sentencing?

The Croatian Journalists Guide to Criminal Procedure by Marin Mrcela provides a thorough overview of the  process of arrest to sentencing in Croatia.

Human rights situation

The following reports raise several issues in relation to the Croatian criminal justice system, including corruption, bias on the basis of ethnicity, a backlog of cases in the courts, poor prison conditions and violence by police towards minorities and persons placed under arrest. Please read the reports themselves for more detailed information.

Amnesty International, 2013 Report on Croatia

European Commission, Croatia 2011 Progress Report

United Nations Human Rights Committee. Concluding Observations on Croatia. 20 October 2009.

United States Department of State, Report on Croatia 2012

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